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New Data Protection Law & it’s Impact on EdTech Industry in India: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice for EdTech Startups in India

"EdTech Companies and EdTech Startups in India are bound to follow the data protection laws, rules and regulations including the guidelines issued for data privacy in India. EdTech Companies collect a lot of data and information from querists and visitors including their customers and are duty bound and under a direct obligation to preserve the same from any kind of pilferage and unauthorised use. The option of obtaining appropriate legal advice and/or startup legal solution from a good corporate lawyer is advisable." Introduction In India, the EdTech industry has grown rapidly in the last several years. Some believe that this is just...

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Legal Advice on Execution of Agreements and Covenants for Foreign Corporations-Clothing & Apparel Industry: Best FDI Attorney in India

"Execution of agreements, contracts and covenants is/are a very important task for any foreign corporation. Further, the same involves high degree of expertise and legal proficiency and should be only carried out by a good FDI attorney in India who is well versed with the business laws of India and the corporate laws of India. If the agreement or contract is not prepared in a watertight manner the same shall cause irreparable losses and injuries to the foreign investor. A weak agreement or contract cannot be properly enforced in the Court of law in India." Introduction In case of Foreign Direct Investment...

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Legal Advice on Employment Documentation and Human Resource (HR) Policies for Foreign Corporations-Clothing & Apparel Industry: Best FDI Attorney in India

"Employment documents are very important document for any foreign investor or foreign corporation as the same decides the actual function of the people working in the corporation. Further, these documents should be carefully prepared while duly taking into consideration the employment laws of India or the labour laws of India. These documents need expert legal vetting and draftsmanship. " Introduction Foreign investors are more inclined to invest in nations with strong competitiveness metrics, including human resource competence, natural resource endowment, market possibilities, and per capita incomes. Because future high-growth industries, like information systems and biotechnology, will demand an increasingly competent workforce, governments...

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Legal Compliances for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) as per the Reserve Bank of India-Clothing & Apparel Industry: Best FDI Attorney Legal Advice in India

"The routes to FDI in India or Foreign Direct Investments in India can be squarely described into twa parts i.e. the automatic route and the government route. The foreign Corporation has to register their company in India or register their Corporation in India to commence their business and the same can be done through an FDI Attorney in India. An online legal consultation should be obtained before opening bank account in India and a proper legal advice should be obtained before applying for licenses and permits. Any noncompliance and/or nonadherence may lead to huge penalties and embarrassment." Introduction In India, foreign investment...

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Legal Compliances under Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) of 1999, Clothing & Apparel Industry: Best FDI Attorney Legal Advice in India

"In order to open a bank account in India by a foreign investor and in order to transfer funds internationally a proper Legal Consultation or Legal Advice from an FDI Attorney in India is required. A lot of Foreign Direct Investments inflows happen in India and some of the international transfers are flagged by the Government Agencies including the Reserve Bank of India for their non--compliance or non-fulfilment of statutory compliances. Over here the pre-requisites for international money transfers is/are discussed." Introduction Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999, (FEMA) was enacted to consolidate and alter the law governing foreign exchange and with...

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Opening of Bank Accounts & Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in India: Clothing & Apparel Industry: Best FDI Attorney Legal Advice in India

"Many foreign Investors are coming to India and are registering their corporation in India or company in India. However, these foreign investors face a bg challenge in opening their bank account in India, transferring funds internationally and to comply with the Reserve Bank of India compliances in India. Thus, they should obtain a proper legal advice from the best FDI attorney in India and should also ensure the fulfilment of the RBI compliances including the FEMA compliances respectively." Introduction Overseas Corporate Bodies (OCB) or a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) have the permission to open a bank...

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Legal Remedies available to a Franchisee against Discontinuation of Support by the Franchisor: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice on Franchise Laws in India

"Entering into a proper Franchise Agreement is the primary legal step or legal compliance which every Franchisee should do before opting for any kind of Franchise. It has been observed that Entrepreneur enter into a Franchise Agreement without any proper corporate lawyer's advice or without obtaining any kind of legal consultation. The end result is that he/she has to suffer the looses and due to the execution of a poor or improper franchise agreement enforceability of a contract becomes difficult. Having said that, there are legal remedies available to Franchisee in case of discontinuation of  support by the Franchisor and...

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Franchise Business in a Nutshell: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice on Franchise Business in India

"Establishing and running a  franchise business is a very complex task and the same requires a lot of legal compliances. Entrepreneurs start their own franchise or opt for becoming a franchisee in a haste and without any legal consultation and/or legal advice and then loose their hard earned money or enter into legal issues and legal problems. Thus, a proper legal consultation from the best corporate lawyer having vast experience in dealing with franchise business is necessary. A startup can also commence a franchise business but only after obtaining due legal advice for startup." Introduction Nowadays we see everywhere the word “Franchise”...

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Applicable Laws & Legal Compliances for India Entry of Foreign Drone & UAV Manufacturers: Best FDI Attorney Advice in India

"In the recent years a lot of drone and UAV manufacturers are looking forward to their India entry by way of foreign direct investment in India. The Make in India initiative has opened the gates for foreign corporations to register their company or register their corporation in India. The drone and UAV market shall be witnessing an exponentially huge growth and the Government of India has also tweaked its policies. Therefore, the foreign Investor or Corporation should consult the best FDI attorney in India and obtain legal advice before investing their money in India."  Introduction Drones also known as Remotely Piloted Aircraft...

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Applicable Laws & Legal Compliances upon Digital Marketing Agencies: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice

"Digital Marketing Agencies have seen an exponential rise in their numbers which is followed by steep growth in the entire sector. Having said that, many digital marketing agencies are struggling with their legal issues and legal problems and especially due to want of legal advice from a corporate lawyer who specialises into legal compliances for digital marketing agencies and applicable laws upon digital marketing agencies in India.  Further, a lot of these agencies are rendering outsourcing of IT services to their foreign clients however fail to execute a proper outsourcing agreement. Therefore, we are discussing in detail about the legal...

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