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Legal Compliance for Companies involved in the business of Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s)

IntroductionWith the new Drone Rules in order, various kinds of approvals and licenses have been abolished, the process to apply and register drones have been made easier. In addition, reduction of fees to a nominal amount and increase in coverage of drones have ushered a new dynamic for the businesses and companies engaged in this field. These are the final rules, propounded by the Ministry of civil aviation that requires basic standards to be maintained. In a recent event, Prime minister of India, hailed and eulogized the new rules and voiced it as a medium of growth of the youth...

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Registration Process of Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in India

IntroductionIn the milieu of rapid technological advancements, the usage of drone and other similar aerial vehicles are testament to the state-of-the-art developments in a country. Notwithstanding, the multi-pronged benefits of the drone technology, the machinery is manned by individuals, thereby subjecting it to the intentions of those people. Thus, regulating the technology becomes absolutely indispensable. In India, the rules in respect to drones as well as other Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) has been designed to bolster and uplift the It sector, in a way which will reinforce the e-commerce, agriculture, mining, healthcare, logistics as well aid the government in its...

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Bail | Types | Grounds for Bail | Conditions for Bail | Powers of the Courts | Cancellation of Bail |

IntroductionBail, is the procurement of release from prison of a person awaiting trial or an appeal, by depositing a security to ensure his submission at the required time to the legal authority. The monetary value of the security, which is set by the court having jurisdiction over the crime committed by the accused, is known as bail bond. This security may be in terms of cash, power of attorney papers, or the bond of private persons or of a professional bonding company. If the person released on bail fails to surrender himself at the appointed time then the outcome is...

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Giving threats to commit Suicide amounts to Cruelty

Pankaj Mahajan v. Dimple [(2011)12 SCC 1The facts of the case are that the marriage of appellant namely Pankaj Mahajan and respondent Dimple was solemnized on 2 october,2000 and they had one female child out of wedlock. After the marriage, the appellant notices some changes in the behaviour of the respondent. She used to abruptly get very aggressive and suspicious in nature. In her anger, she used to give threat to appellant that she would end her life by committing suicide and frame the appellant and his family member in forged criminal case, unless provided with a separate residence. On...

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Distinguishing Cruelty from the Ordinary Wear & Tear of Family Life

No Desertion without Prior Cohabitation by the Parties & Cruelty must be distinguished from the Ordinary Wear and Tear of Family LifeSavitri Pandey v. Prem Chandra Pandey [(2002)2 SCC 73]The facts of the case are that the appellant Savitri Pandey approached the matrimonial court praying for dissolution of marriage alleging Cruelty and Desertion as a ground for divorce against her husband namely Prem Chandra Pandey. Further, the appellant prayed for direction to the respondent to return the ornaments he(respondent) received at the time of marriage. Their marriage was solemnized on 6 July,1987 and they started living separately after 21 August,...

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Setting-Up Business in India by Foreign Nationals

India has become a hub for foreign nationals to set up their business. It is attracting a large amount of Foreign Direct investment every year and opportunities & large market in India are encouraging foreign nationals to set up their business in India. In this Article, the procedure to set up business in India is detailed. Entry Strategies into IndiaThere are mainly two ways by which a foreign national can set up business in India- by Setting up of Liaison Office in India or by Incorporation of Private Limited Company in India.The first thing to look into before setting up business...

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Legal Challenges faced by Foreign Nationals in Setting-Up their Corporations in India

As the world's fastest growing economy India holds the potential for corporations across the world. But before entering into the Indian market one needs to know about business culture in India and challenges that one could face here while setting-up their business in India. So, in this article we would be disclosing the legal challenges faced by Foreign Nationals while setting-up their business in India. Legal Challenges faced by Foreign Nationals in Setting-Up their Corporations in IndiaListed below are the key challenges faced by Foreign Nationals in Setting-Up their Corporations in India-Time-Consuming Registration Process- The first step to enter into the...

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Cryptocurrency: Definition | Legitimacy | Types of Cryptocurrency Fraud | Legal Remedies | Precautions

According to research by Crypto Head, in the United States of America, in 2016 340 crimes involving cryptocurrencies were reported and in 2020 crimes involving cryptocurrencies reached a figure of 82,135 which is 24,000% increase in reported crimes. Similar conditions are in the United Kingdom which in 2016 reported 0 crimes involving cryptocurrencies but till 2020 there had been 8,801 crimes involving cryptocurrencies. Australia also reported 9,689 crimes involving cryptocurrencies till 2020. Sadly, India is not far behind in crimes involving cryptocurrencies. As per research of the Coin Telegraph, between 2017 and 2019, Indian investors lost nearly $500 million in...

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Applicable Laws & Legal Compliances for E-Pharmacies in India

IntroductionIn the era of online shopping of garments, groceries, equipment, where within a click of a button the need reaches one's doorstep why medicines are given a back seat? E-pharmacies are virtual platforms wherein the order of medicines is placed on the E-pharmacy website/app using the web and therefore the drugs are delivered to the customer’s chosen address via mail or dedicated delivery companies. This has made life easier as a customer needn't visit a brick-and-mortar pharmacy to shop for essential medicines. Self-dependent, Internet-only outlets, electronic alternatives of “brick-and-mortar” hospitals, and platforms serving pharmacy companies are included under E-pharmacy companies....

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Grounds for Anticipatory Bail & Criminal Defenses for Men in Domestic Violence Cases

Section 3 of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 defines that Domestic violence includes acts which harm or endangers the health, safety, life, limb, or wellbeing (mental or physical) of the victim, or tends to do so, and includes causing physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, and economic abuse, perpetrated by any person who is or was in a domestic relationship with the victim. However, the provisions relating to domestic violence are widely misused by the women as a weapon for feud against their spouses and innocent family members. Best Five Grounds for Anticipatory Bail for the Alleged Accused in...

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