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    Top Law Firm in Delhi-NCR with Best Results

    Rendering Best in Class Legal Services to Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) & Foreign Nationals.


    • Contesting Criminal Appeal
    • Arguing Bail Applications
    • Representation of Alleged Accused before different Courts & Tribunals


    • Incorporation of a Corporation/Company in India
    • Ensuring Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Compliances
    • Statutory Compliances on International Funds Transfer


    • Incorporation of a Corporation/Company by a Foreign National in India
    • Drafting & Vetting of Investment Term Sheets
    • Conducting Due Diligence & Legal Audit


    • Contesting Civil Suits for Partition of Ancestral Property
    • Representation before Court in case of Estate Dispute & Property Matters
    • Conducting Due Diligence & Title Search


    • Drafting & Vetting of various Agreements & Contracts
    • Conducting Corporate Du Diligence
    • Preparing Human Resource (HR) Policies


    • Contesting Divorce Cases
    • Arguing Maintenance & Alimony Petitions
    • Child Custody


    10+ Years of Experience


    Assured Data Protection & Data Privacy


    Cost Efficient & Result Oriented Approach


    No Delegation or Outsourcing of Work


    Real Time Updates of the Case Status


    24x7 Online Support

    About Us

    My Lawyers Advice is a full service boutique web based online platform which is a unique and one of its kind venture started by a group of highly qualified, meticulously skilled and professionally trained group of Advocates and Lawyers in Delhi-NCR, India. The same is a clear departure from the primitive and traditional system where an Individual or a Corporate has to travel and wait for long in order to avail and obtain professional legal services, however, with the advent of the e-age time has come when the professional legal services are just a click away travelling beyond the barriers of distance and time which ultimately helps in the resolution of the issue in hand without any hassles and without any wastage of resources.

    – Anant Sharma, Co-Founder & Advisor at My Lawyers Advice

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    Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce.


    Our Quotes

    Laws are never the same they keep on evolving.Every legal problem has a legal solution.


    Our Quotes

    Laws takes it own course, let us take ours.Every law has a catch.


    Our Quotes

    A practical approach is best defined by any lawyer.Law is about reading between the lines.


    Our Quotes

    The spirit of laws can be given different shapes.In the legal realm nothing is impossible.Every new time will give its own law.


    What Our Clients Say About Our Services

    Our lawyers will also represent you in general litigation.

    The Functioning of The Organization

    Comparison between various civil law and private law institutions.

    All the legal issues of my Company are handled by them

    Mr. Sanjay Kumar | Director-Allegro Remedies Private Limted

    They are my retainer Lawyers and handle all the legal cases of my firm

    Mr. Amit Arora | Proprietor-Shubh Trading

    They do all the due diligence of our firm and we appreciate their work.

    Mr. S. K. Chaudhary | Co-Founder & Director-Arkis

    I have retained them as my Legal Advisors & Consultants and they have been handling all of mine legal issues and we are very satisfied.

    Mr. Anant Sanadhya | Partner-Razorveda

    They have helped me in getting my money back and have helped me a lot in my overseas business.

    Mr. Naveen Bagga | Director-Fabstar Engineers

    Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce.

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    Our Experts have been working round the clock and delivering the best possible results

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    What are the benefits of an Advocate or a Lawyer ?

    In order to know one’s legal rights and duties and in order to prepare a legally sound document the advice and help of an Advocate or Lawyer is necessary.

    Can a person represent himself before any Court and contest his/her own case ?

    Yes, as per on his own can represent himself before any Court and contest his/her case, however, it is always advisable to take the assistance or guidance of a good Advocate or Lawyer.

    What all factors are considered by the Advocate or Lawyer before filing a case or a law suit ?

    Before filing a case or a law suit an Advocate has to analyse the entire facts of the issue or the dispute, examine the evidence available, review the documents vis a vis the desired outcome and the result and then only the Advocate or Lawyer can give different alternatives or options and share his opinion.

    What is a Caveat ?

    Caveat is an application which can be filed by the Advocate or Lawyer of the litigant who has won the case in the subordinate Court before the higher Court of Appeal or the Appellate Court whereby the opposite party is obliged to obtain the clearance of the litigant before filing his/her appeal before the Appellate Court.

    When can appeal be filed and what is the law of limitation ?

    A person who is aggrieved by the order of any Court of law can file an appeal to the Appellate Court. The law of limitation enshrines the maximum time limits within which appeals can be filed.

    Our Experts have been working round the clock and delivering the best possible results

    Our lawyers will render Corporate Advisory to Starups, SMEs and MSMEs.