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Business Laws

Legal Advice on Exports from India: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice

Exports and imports are significant components of a nation's overseas trade. The exchange of services and commodities between nations across international borders is referred to as foreign commerce. By import, we refer to the actual transfer of things into a nation from overseas or some other nation. Imports meet local consumer requirements by bringing products made in another nation to the nation of origin. In a similar way, Exports indicate the authorised physical exportation of products from the nation of origin. Therefore, trade across international borders has become possible due to imports and exports. The individuals engaged in such commerce...

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Liability to pay Anti-Dumping Duty in International Trade: Best International Trade Law Advice

“Anti-dumping duties are levied on imports that are made overseas and are sold for less than similar products on the domestic market. When it thinks that a product's low price on the local market indicates that it is being dumped, the government puts anti-dumping duties on foreign imports. The Government from time to time revises the duty and the same involves a lot of legal hassles to deal with. Obtaining a proper legal advice from the best import export attorney or import export law firm or customs lawyer is inevitable. Further, any failure to pay the duties involves huge fines and...

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Legal Issues for Abandoned Shipments & Legal Remedies for Abandoned Shipments: Best International Trade Law Advice

“The most problematic part for a Freight Forwarder or for a Customs House Agent CHA is when the shipment is abandoned by the importer. The entire amount with respect to demurrages, detention and freight including the customs duty and other allied expenses are to be borne by someone. Generally the entire problem falls on the head of the Freight Forwarder and the shipping line starts demanding the clearance of the outstanding dues. This emanates the start of a legal dispute or a legal tussle and thus involves the expert legal advice of import export attorney or a import export lawyer or...

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Elementary Legal Compliances in International Trade: Best International Trade Law Advice

“International trade laws is a combination of mercantile laws or corporate laws, customs laws, laws with respect to foreign currency and maritime laws. All the persons who are involved with respect to international shipping and/or export and import of goods and services have to abide by them. Further, in case of default and/or violation of international trade laws the same attract hefty fines and penalties. There are specialized Attorneys who specifically deal with international shipping and render their legal advice and/or legal consultation with respect to international trade laws. Further, there are specialised import export attorneys and/or import export law firm...

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Applicable Laws & Legal Liabilities of Freight Forwarders in India: Best International Trade Law Advice

“Freight Forwarders are the ones who actually book the shipments for the importers and exporters and they are the first point of contact between the consignor and the shipping line. They sometimes also process legal documentation and paperwork regarding customs. Having said that, the industry remains unorganised and freight forwarders face a lot of legal challenges. There are laws which are applicable upon freight forwarders and the legal compliances upon freight forwarders which they have to comply with. All these pointers with respect to freight forwarders have been discussed here in detail. Further, the freight forwarder should always obtain proficient legal...

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Legal Advice for Exporters before they Export their First Consignment from India: Best Customs Lawyer Advice

“Every Exporter should adhere to and comply with the local laws of India and the international trade laws before they export their first consignment or shipment out of India. The elementary legal awareness and knowledge about the laws is the primary requirement in order to avoid defaults and embarrassments. Further, strict compliance of the international maritime laws is also mandatory. The documents provided by the shipping line is/are also to be duly reviewed before their execution. The entire process involves a direct involvement of an import export attorney or import export law firm or a customs lawyer.” Introduction Every businessman aspires to...

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Basic Legal Compliances for Exporters in India: Best Customs Lawyer Advice

“Every Government promotes exports from their country and so does the Government of India. Export of goods generally requires goods to be given on credit or on Letter of Credit or LC. This also involves the transaction to take place in foreign currency and thus attracts the provisions of the Customs Act of 1962 or the Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999 FEMA respectively. Further, international maritime laws also have t be duly considered and the international trade laws are equally important. Thus, a proper legal advice from an import export attorney or import export law firm or customs lawyer...

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Basic Legal Compliances for Importers in India: Best Customs Lawyer Advice

“International trade involves transaction in terms of foreign currency and thus comes the FEMA compliances into picture which requires legal compliances to be duly fulfilled. The same requires proficient legal advice from a seasoned import export attorney or import export law firm. Any failure to comply with the Customs Act of 1962 or the Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999 attract stern legal action which includes fine or imprisonment or both. Legal advice should be obtained from an export lawyer or import lawyer or customs lawyer before moving ahead. Over here we shall be discussing in brief the legal compliances of...

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Legal Advice for Importers before they Import their First Consignment in India: Best Customs Lawyer Advice

“Imports & exports in India is/are primarily governed by the Customs Act of 1962 respectively. Having said that for want of knowledge and due to lack of legal awareness the Importers in India are largely dependent upon their Forwarding Agents or CHAs for the import of goods in India. There are a lot of applicable laws upon Importers and Importers are subject to legal liabilities which they have to fulfil. Due to non-compliances of the statutory provisions sometimes the Importers are subject to fine and penalties and to avoid them they should obtain a prior legal advice from the best import...

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Applicable Laws & Legal Compliances for India Entry of Foreign Drone & UAV Manufacturers: Best FDI Attorney Advice in India

"In the recent years a lot of drone and UAV manufacturers are looking forward to their India entry by way of foreign direct investment in India. The Make in India initiative has opened the gates for foreign corporations to register their company or register their corporation in India. The drone and UAV market shall be witnessing an exponentially huge growth and the Government of India has also tweaked its policies. Therefore, the foreign Investor or Corporation should consult the best FDI attorney in India and obtain legal advice before investing their money in India."  Introduction Drones also known as Remotely Piloted Aircraft...

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