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Laws governing IT Security Companies in India

As it is easily perceptible that in recent times cybercrimes have been causing unanticipated damages across industries, nations, governments and individuals on a global level. Cyber threats are not only limited to data breach but are also predominantly active in areas such as, theft of identity, breach of data, monetary loss or financial theft, among others. The world of cybersecurity is fostering day by day, and catering towards the needs of businesses, but simultaneously, the world of cyber-crime is also increasing, updating and targeting the businesses in every new way possible. Hackers are efficiently working and attacking at the weakest...

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Precautions before Hiring your next IT Security Company: Legal Advice

Cyber-attacks have been proliferating in the past few months, and now firms and companies have begun batting an eye on this issue and started taking it seriously. Cyber-attacks are not new, but with development in IT security technology comes the development in breaching the said security too. Along with the rapid expansion in today’s world, the level of skills possessed by the cybercriminals and threats posed by them towards the big IT companies and business owners, has also burgeoned, such as hacking attacks, spamming, data theft, black hat practices etc. A string of various cyber-attacks has ultimately put forward the...

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Benefits of Executing an Outsourcing Agreement for Foreign Corporations

Nowadays, businesses are persistently adopting Offshore Outsourcing opportunities to minimize the costs involved and intensify the productivity with an ultimate motive of stepping up the shareholder value. In a nutshell, “Offshore outsourcing” is basically the practice wherein Foreign Companies contract out non-core and routine services to third party providers based in a country different from the one where the client company (i.e., the 'outsourcer') is based, with an aim to take advantage of their experience, expertise and efficiency. There exist abundant benefits that the Foreign Companies can avail after outsourcing its services overseas but before anything, both the participating companies...

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Legal Advice for Corporates before they commence Manufacturing of Beauty Products & Cosmetics in India

The Indian Beauty and Personal Care Industry (BPC) is expected to grow at a whopping 25% by the year 2025, covering US$ 20 billion share in the global market. According to experts in this area, the growing awareness in beauty products, purchasing power of individuals and the change in consumption patterns of consumers are a few amongst many reasons for the growth of the industry. While the market is largely dominated by international brands, domestic players have been emerging to capture their share in the ever increasing market. As the country witnesses a constant growth of new brands/companies being either...

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Legal Advice & Tips for Defence Tech Startups in India

India, with the second largest armed forces in the world and the well-grounded “Make In India” initiative for production of defence technology, the country is set to toughen up private sectors in manufacturing high-tech defence weaponry. India comes third in the list in terms of military expenditure after US and China with a gigantic $71.1 billion dollars in number. Under the government’s wings, 194 defence tech start-ups are working and innovating arms, weapons and all kinds of “fit for military use” products through the “startup India” mission. It is therefore essential to know the legal compliances in the realm of...

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Legal Advice for Challenges faced by Corporations rendering Stock Advisory Services

In India only about 3.7 percent of the total population invest and trade in the Financial Market. Out of them less than 50 percent invest wisely and the rest remain dependent on luck which creates distress among them due to heavy loss in the highly volatile market. To overcome and minimize such practice, a new trend in the market has taken its place. The new concept wherein the market factors are adequately evaluated, studied, valued, analysed and reported by experts, thereby minimising the risk and taking appropriate decisions. These experts are termed as Equity Research Analysts. Equity Research mainly includes...

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De-Coding the Draft E-Commerce Rules of 2021

The government has proposed changes to the e-commerce rules under the Consumer Protection Act to make framework under which firms function more rigorous. While a number of new provisions are similar to what the Centre sought of social media companies through IT Intermediary Rules announced earlier this year, several proposals in the e-commerce rules are aimed at mounting liabilities for online retailers for goods and services purchased on their platforms. Non-compliance with the terms, if implemented, could be liable to be punished with prison terms and fines of at least Rs. 25,000 under Consumer Law. These rules are made to...

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Legal Advice for Foreign Corporations on Reducing their Hassles while Onboarding Human Resources in India

Unlike domestic firms that operate in their home countries, Multinational Corporations or MNCs that operate around the world face several cultural, legal, logistical, and strategic challenges in terms of staffing and other Human Resource Management (HRM) functions in overseas locations. While doing international business in multiple jurisdictions is exciting, however, there are some legal issues one should be aware of. Running an international business in foreign countries means complying with all applicable domestic laws when oner business is about to prosper. The best legal advice is to comply with and adhere to the local domestic laws of the host country....

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Legal Advice for Indian Companies for their General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) & Compliances

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which came into existence in May 2018 is regarded as the toughest data privacy legislation so far. The GDPR, in a nutshell provides a legal framework that set rules for the collection and processing of personal information of residents staying in the European Union (EU). It is applicable for any organisation operating within the EU, as well as any organisations outside of the EU which offer goods or services to customers or businesses in the EU. It casts upon all entities, a responsibility to use personal data with consent, for a specific purpose, for...

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Laws & Legal Compliances for BioPharma Companies involved into Genetics & Genomics

With the vast population of India also comes a vast ethnic diversity of genetic ancestry. More than knowing about familial ties, genome sequencing, with this prognostic character, has become a very useful source of information in order to predict the likely course of medical conditions that an individual is susceptible to. It points towards the mutations present in the gene, which when present, puts the person at higher risk of inducing the disease in their lifetime than the person in whom such mutation is found to be absent. However, the potential carried by such data collection and interpretation process continue...

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