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Family Settlements & Matrimonial Disputes

In the last decade there has been a rapid increase in the number of matrimonial cases and disputes including the cases pertaining to alimony and maintenance issues, child custody, divorce, inheritance, separation, succession, cruelty, dowry demands and domestic violence complaints also. Thus, the responsibilities and the requirements of Advocates and Lawyers have risen manifold as they are the experts who can render appropriate legal advice to the querists respectively. The Advocates and Lawyers are well aware and are well versed with the proper practice and procedure which are required to be followed in dealing with the cases relating to

Divorce & Separation

Alimony and Maintenance

Maintenance & Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens

Adoption & Child Custody

Inheritance & Succession

Cruelty & Harassment

Dowry Demands & Domestic Violence

The querists can avail appropriate and proper counseling and mediation services for resolving family or matrimonial issues and problems. The querists are given different alternatives for their issues and problems and can be adequately advised. This further includes

Filing of Divorce Petitions

Lodging of Police Complaint especially with the Crime Against Women Cell (CAW Cell) of the Police for the cases pertaining to cruelty, dowry demands, domestic violence and harassment.

Filing of the Maintenance Petition while claiming Alimony and Maintenance before the District Family Court

Filing of Partition Suits before the Civil Courts

Filing of Petition claiming Inheritance & Succession before the Civil Court

Claiming & Obtaining Child Custody

Claiming Stridhan

Filing of Transfer Petition before the Supreme Court of India

Filing of Maintenance Petition before the Maintenance Tribunal for the maintenance and welfare of the parents and the senior citizens

In the event of filing of cases and petitions it is necessarily taken into consideration that the number of hearings are not stretched and the desired result is achieved, at the earliest. Further, the evidences, the depositions and the testimonies of the parties and the witnesses are filed promptly in order to bring speedy justice.

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