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Top Five Legal Challenges Faced by Online Hotel Aggregators in India: Lawyers Advice

Over the years, the ease of accessibility to the internet has allowed various industries to make their businesses available to an increasingly larger pool of people. The online Hotel Aggregator industry is one such industry and has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade. Major players in the industry saw this opportunity and launched in India as well. However, this large growth in the industry has also brought to light various issues focusing on the on-going practices and trends in the industry. Some of the major legal challenges that are being faced by the online hotel aggregator industry are...

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Top Five Legal Challenges Faced by Online Fruits & Vegetable Vendors in India: Lawyers Advice

While a majority of the country’s population may purchase fruits and vegetables from the markets such as the street market or grocery stores, a large part of the Indian population has started purchasing fruits and vegetables from online vendors due to easy access to the internet and its convenience. This new format of selling fruits and vegetables has allowed the consumer to receive products of certified superior quality as well as pre-cut if they desire. Additionally, consumers receive the products are their convenience rather than having physically go to the market, thereby allowing them to save a lot of time....

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Top Five Legal Challenges Faced by Online Courier and E-Commerce Shipping Aggregators in India: Lawyers Advice

Online Courier services as well as E-commerce shipping aggregators have over the years become favorites amongst the consumers and sellers. These are some of the few businesses that have benefitted from the ongoing pandemic due to their ease of use and need for social distancing due to which people prefer not to move out of the house. They have also received a massive boost due to the increased level of internet penetration, accessibility to smart phones as well as the digitization of services. However, like any industry, this industry too faces certain challenges and they are as follows: Lack of Clarity:...

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The new Consumer Protection Act of 2019 & its Impact on Herbal and Ayurvedic Medicines & Products: Lawyers Advice

Herbal and ayurvedic medicines are the oldest forms of medicines, facilitating a worldwide demand till today. Practitioners of these medicines are utilising e-commerce in order to reach a wider consumer base as well. Claims from the effectiveness and safety of these medicines are not backed with evidence or clinical data. Sometimes, consumers are denied basic knowledge, access to product information or even a basic prescription which would be provided otherwise. The recent Consumer Protection Act of 2019 provides consumers with a wider ambit of protection, while keeping in mind the current scenario of markets today as well. Hence, this article...

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Laws & Legal Compliances for Selling Therapeutic Oils in India: Lawyers Advice

In recent times, it can be observed that the market for essential oils has been booming world over. The reasons for this are primarily due to the fact that lifestyles are improving across the world and an increasing number of people are getting involved in aroma therapies and other activities pertaining to physical wellness. The barriers to entry in these markets are low and as a result there is increased competition in this market. In order to streamline business activities to gain a competitive edge, it will prove useful for a business person to be aware of and comply with...

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Legal Remedies for Countering the Menace of False Consumer Complaints against Beauty & Cosmetics Companies in India: Lawyers Advice

The scope of Consumer Protection Act has increased manifolds in the last decade. Under this act, the provisions available for the protection to the consumers has strengthened. This has resulted into fall down of displaying misleading advertisements and false claims made by the sellers. However under the garb of protection provided under this act, many consumers have started making false and frivolous complaints. These types of complaints can be of two types, first one being the complaint which has been filed by the consumer for negligently using the products and second one could be frivolous complaints for purpose of scoring...

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Laws and Legal Compliances applicable upon Foreign Companies for Selling Baby Care Products in India: Lawyers Advice

India is a market for some of the most extensively known global brands as well as popular domestic brands in baby products segment. While a leading player like Nestle has a number of brands under its belt like Cerelac, Nan Pro1 and Pro2, Lactogen, Nestum, there is growing commitment from other companies to introduce more products in this category. Laws Governing Baby Products in IndiaPolicies related to Baby Care Market in India include Infant Milk Substitutes Act (1992 and 2003), Infant Milk Substitutes, Feeding Bottles and Infant Foods (Regulation of Production, Supply and Distribution) Act, 1992 and 2003 and Bureau of...

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Laws and Legal Compliances applicable upon Foreign Companies for Selling their Food Products and Beverages in India: Lawyers Advice

One of the fastest growing industries in India is food and beverage. A large part of the industry consists of import and export of food products along with the local produce and its multi-tier wholesale and retail.Laws Governing Food and Beverages: -While Section 3 of the Food and Safety Standards Act, 2006 covers the definition of food business, Section 31 of the Act lays down rules for the Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses in India.A food license from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India needs to be obtained by every food business owner including a petty vendor/ hawker. There...

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Laws and Legal Compliances applicable upon Foreign Companies for Selling Beauty Products and Cosmetics in India: Lawyers Advice

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) regulated the cosmetics in India. The Indian Parliament passed the Drug and Cosmetic Act 1940 and Rules 1945 to regulate the import, manufacture, distribution and sale of drugs and cosmetics. Rules Governing Cosmetics and Beauty ProductsAs per Section 3 (aaa) of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, “cosmetic” means any item designed to be poured, sprinkled, rubbed or sprayed on or otherwise applied on the human body or any part of the human body, for beautifying, cleansing, altering the appearance or promoting attractiveness and also consists of any item designed for use as a...

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Legal Responsibility of Data Protection & Data Privacy of E-Commerce Websites & Portals: Lawyers Advice

There has been an exponential increase in the e- commerce market in India in recent years. Several government initiatives like Skill India, Make in India, Digital India, Innovation India and Start – up India have incentivised the setting up and carrying out of business activities on online platforms. Consequently, the Indian e- commerce sector is growing at an annual rate of 51 per cent which is the highest in the world. The term ‘e-commerce’ has been defined under Section 2(44) of the Central Goods and Service Act, 2017 as “the supply of goods or services or both, including digital products...

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