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Laws governing IT Security Companies in India

As it is easily perceptible that in recent times cybercrimes have been causing unanticipated damages across industries, nations, governments and individuals on a global level. Cyber threats are not only limited to data breach but are also predominantly active in areas such as, theft of identity, breach of data, monetary loss or financial theft, among others. The world of cybersecurity is fostering day by day, and catering towards the needs of businesses, but simultaneously, the world of cyber-crime is also increasing, updating and targeting the businesses in every new way possible. Hackers are efficiently working and attacking at the weakest...

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Precautions before Hiring your next IT Security Company: Legal Advice

Cyber-attacks have been proliferating in the past few months, and now firms and companies have begun batting an eye on this issue and started taking it seriously. Cyber-attacks are not new, but with development in IT security technology comes the development in breaching the said security too. Along with the rapid expansion in today’s world, the level of skills possessed by the cybercriminals and threats posed by them towards the big IT companies and business owners, has also burgeoned, such as hacking attacks, spamming, data theft, black hat practices etc. A string of various cyber-attacks has ultimately put forward the...

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Insider Threats: A Catastrophic Legal Challenge to IT Security Companies

Role of IT Security CompaniesIT security companies granularly exist for the maintenance of the integrity and confidentiality of the users’ classified information. They are responsible for protecting the data on computers and networks from unauthorized access, data breaches and any damages that can happen in order to avoid misuse of information. IT security is often referred to as Cyber security these days and plays a significant role within the government, military, finance companies, IT infrastructure, hospitals and many private businesses as these sectors have a large amount of data stored on their computer systems that demands security. In India, Information...

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Legal Advice for Challenges faced by Corporations rendering Stock Advisory Services

In India only about 3.7 percent of the total population invest and trade in the Financial Market. Out of them less than 50 percent invest wisely and the rest remain dependent on luck which creates distress among them due to heavy loss in the highly volatile market. To overcome and minimize such practice, a new trend in the market has taken its place. The new concept wherein the market factors are adequately evaluated, studied, valued, analysed and reported by experts, thereby minimising the risk and taking appropriate decisions. These experts are termed as Equity Research Analysts. Equity Research mainly includes...

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De-Coding the Draft E-Commerce Rules of 2021

The government has proposed changes to the e-commerce rules under the Consumer Protection Act to make framework under which firms function more rigorous. While a number of new provisions are similar to what the Centre sought of social media companies through IT Intermediary Rules announced earlier this year, several proposals in the e-commerce rules are aimed at mounting liabilities for online retailers for goods and services purchased on their platforms. Non-compliance with the terms, if implemented, could be liable to be punished with prison terms and fines of at least Rs. 25,000 under Consumer Law. These rules are made to...

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Fake News: Meaning |Role | Applicable Laws | Identify | Report | Landmark Judgements

With the growth of internet users as well as social media users, the growth of vulnerability of the users towards the trap of fake news also parallelly increasing. Palghar mob lynching (2020), Anti-CAA riots (2020) and COVID fake news are epic examples that show how much brutal and grave or monstrous fake news can turn into be. Therefore, an attempt is made to enlighten the public about the fake news, its monstrous role, laws applicable, how to identify fake news and how to report fake news. What is a fake news?Fake news is disinformation and misinformation which is being disseminated...

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Enforcing an International Agreement for Outsourcing of IT Work & Services

Drafts are to be based on considering likely disputes, prevailing situation and laws: -In the case of an offshore outsourcing transaction, the enforcement of customer’s rights and remedies with respect to the agreement has always been a vital concern. In the case of India, it is extremely important that dispute resolution and governing law clauses are perfectly tailored to reflect the nuances of the legal system in India. It may be noted that model form clauses effective in other jurisdictions will not work efficiently in the Indian context. Now since, a party to an agreement related to India containing non-Indian...

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Laws on Data Protection in India: Lawyers Advice

Individual’s Right to privacy and protection enjoys intrinsic status under the Indian Constitution In India, till now we do not have any ‘enforced’ legislation particularly defining data protection and privacy. The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 introduced in the Parliament of India in December, 2019 is yet to be enforced. The key objective of the bill is to secure the confidentiality of individual’s personal data and further to establish a full-fledged authority for data protection in India. Well, the inception of this bill can be linked to the historic judgement pronounced by the nine-judge bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court...

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Laws on Network Security in India: Lawyers Advice

In 2020, India has turned out to become the country with second largest internet user base with over 506 million users. Also, in the coming years, these number are said to increase up to 600 million. However, with the constant growth in digitization, safeguarding network security system with necessary resources becomes imperative. For, this we need to understand the current legal framework of network security in India. Also, whether these laws are robust enough to meet the demands for network security in India. Information Technology Act has brought positive changes across the legal sphere in India: -India was the twelfth country...

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Enforcing an International Non-Disclosure Agreement for IT Services & Work

Brief Information: Non-Disclosure Agreements: -Non- Disclosure Agreement are those agreements where the parties to the agreement agrees not to disclose the information given in the agreement. It basically denies the access of the third party on the information mentioned in the agreement. It typically serves three basic functions, namely, protecting the sensitive information, helps inventor to keep patent rights and lastly differentiates between exclusive and confidential information. A Non-Disclosure Agreement is regarded a necessity for IT-service projects, that are outsourced. This agreement also helps in resolving any dispute in case a party to the agreement breaches some part of the...

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