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Information Technologies

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IntroductionIn these uncertain times of pandemic and lack of financial stability for the entire world, there arises a duty towards ones families and oneself to arrive at correct financial decision making. This is not possibly easy for a layman to do by himself rather a help from a financial adviser or investment coach is essential for a healthy financial investment. These moral abiding and customer centric professional play a very important role to help the investors with quality financial strategies thus serving the public at large.These professionals have a basic knowledge of how to manage ones wealth which helps them...

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Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Introduction Civilian drones have their usage in plenitude. The immense potential of drones has led to the increasing acceptance of drones in India. They exemplify an outward growth in terms of technology and its utility indicates a significant development in various sectors of the economy. With new Drone Rules, 2021 in place, the government of India provides a sufficient thrust to the businesses and companies engaged in this arena to expand and manifest their handlings in tandem, to cater to large sectors, and contribute unanimously. However, since drones are a creation of intellect, their misuse or infringement is a major...

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Enabling Transfer of Technology (ToT) Agreements for Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Introduction The term ‘Transfer of Technology’ essentially connotes a system where technology is transferred from one entity to the other. Such kinds of transfers are either commercial or non-commercial in nature. Technology transfer, as per the common parlance, is a process where commercial technology is disseminated. Through a commercial transfer, one envisages reaping profits from transferring the technology. Technology, under this concept, means the systematic use of knowledge or 'intangible’ knowledge. In legal connotation, it refers to the use of all forms of commercial knowledge whether patented or unpatented, which forms the subject matter of the transaction. Therefore, semantically a...

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Explaining the Drone Rules, 2021

IntroductionThe usage of drones in India for commercial purposes has extensively increased, as the country marks a fundamental shift in the applications of nascent technologies. Drones nowadays can be profusely used in the areas of agriculture, mining, deliveries, cinematography, photography with multiple other purposes. With the advent of the Covid -19 pandemic, the usage of drones in India catapulted for various functions and is now considered as an exigent technology to address several issues. In pursuance of the same, the Government of India realized the pertinent usage of drones and ordered its regulation to monitor its official handling. Recognizing the...

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The new Drone Rules of 2021 & the Legal Framework governing Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) in India: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice

"The new Drone Rules of 2021 is an attempt by the Government of India to legalize and organize and uncontrolled industry. These rules law down specific legal compliances which the Corporations in this industry have to specifically fulfil. Further, a lot of legal obligations have been laid down which the Done manufacturing units or the Drone importers have to fulfil. An attempt is made to streamline the entire system and to bring it under a legal ambit. In the coming years specific laws for Drones & UAVs shall be enacted and a plethora of new guidelines shall be issued." IntroductionTechnological advancements...

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Legal Compliance for Companies involved in the business of Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s): Best Corporate Lawyer Advice

"The Government of India has come up with the new Drone Rules of 2021 and the entire industry has for the first time been streamlined. Although, at present there is/are no specific legislation or law for Drones & UAVs in India yet this is the first step taken to legalize the entire drone and the UAV industry and to bring this under the direct purview of certain legal compliances and/or legal obligations. The industry has to be streamlined looking into the potential and the vast usage seen in the recent years and specific laws should be made to regulate the...

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Registration Process of Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in India: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice

"The Government of India has come up with the new Drone Rules of 2021 and the registration process for drones in India and the registration process for UAVs in India has been tweaked and made mandatory in certain cases. Further, the process for registration, de-registration and re-registration has been properly pen down and the entire process has been simplified. There are many startups who have entered or are in the verge of entering this multi dollar drone and UAV manufacturing and their products should be well compliant to these new Drone Rules of 2021. In order to duly comply with...

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Laws governing IT Security Companies in India: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice for IT Companies in India

"A lot of IT Security Companies have come up in India but are working in an unorganised manner without much knowledge about their legal rights and legal responsibilities. The best legal advice for IT Security Companies in India. is to comply with and adhere to the laws of the land and make themselves aware and compliant to the same. As it is easily perceptible that in recent times cybercrimes have been causing unanticipated damages across industries, nations, governments and individuals on a global level. Cyber threats are not only limited to data breach but are also predominantly active in areas...

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Precautions before Hiring your next IT Security Company: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice

"IT Security Companies in India is the need of the hour. The best legal advice for any Corporate is to hire the best IT Security Company in India. The entire cyber security of a Corporation is based upon the shoulders of the IT Security Company. Further, execution of a proper agreement or contract is necessary before engaging the services of the IT Security Company. Cyber-attacks have been proliferating in the past few months, and now firms and companies have begun batting an eye on this issue and started taking it seriously. Cyber-attacks are not new, but with development in IT...

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Insider Threats: A Catastrophic Legal Challenge to IT Security Companies: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice for IT Security Companies in India

"The relevance and significance of IT Security Companies in India have risen manifold. The Government of India has also amended and enacted different legislations for corporate laws and IT laws and the IT Security Companies in India have to duly adhere by them. Further, the legal compliances for IT Security Companies in India have also been increased. The biggest challenge which the IT Security Companies in India face is the insider threats and to overcome the same they have to bring stringent checks and balances. Over here we have discussed in detail the applicable laws on IT Security Companies in India...

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