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Information Technologies

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Internet of Things (IoT) & Indian IP Laws

Humans always want a comfortable journey of life. The more helping hand a person has to fulfill his responsibilities, the more comfortably he will live. With the advancement in technologies and increased internet connectivity, in today’s technological world, one such hand is “Internet of Things (IoT)”. Cisco systems, an American multinational technology company, defines Internet of Things (IoT) as “simply the point in time when more ‘things or objects’ were connected to the internet than people”. In other words, Internet of Things (IoT) is a web of connected devices that is inserted as an integral part of any physical object...

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Indian Defense-Tech Startups & their Intellectual Property (IP)

With the advent of the Make in India by the Modi Government in India and especially in the defense sector the country is going towards the process of complete indigenization of all it’s products which can suffice for all the forces i.e. the ground force, water force and the air force respectively. The entire objective of complete indigenization can be achieved only by the following means i.e. Developing the sophisticated technologies in IndiaBorrowing technology from a Foreign Defense CorporationCp-Developing technologies with a Foreign Defense Corporation Having said that, the core #legal question behind all of this is that, who shall have the...

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Indian Defense-Tech Startups & their Investment Term Sheet

The #defense sector has seen a high degree of priority from the Modi government which includes the adoption of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model vis a vis setting up of several “Startup Incubation Centers” at different State owned research facilities wherein prima facie importance is given towards innovation, development of new technologies and indigenization of defense products. Having said that, the Research & Development (R&D) of technologies involves huge amount of infusion of funds which the Defense-Tech startup finds difficult to arrange for. Thus, the need arises for the involvement of an “Angel Investor” who is willing to infuse...

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Legality of Online Medical Prescription & E-Pharmacies in India

The easy availability of medicines without proper prescriptions and convenience factors associated with #e-pharmacies has also increased the risk of drug abuse, self- medication by patients, sale of counterfeit medicines and poor storage conditions. The requirement of a valid prescription for selling the medicines online is the most important and major challenge faced by e-pharmacies. The Pharmacy Practice Regulations 2015 mentions electronic prescription and defines a ‘prescription’ as a written or electronic direction from a registered medical practitioner or other properly licensed practitioners to a pharmacist to compound and dispense a specific type and quantity of preparation or prefabricated drug...

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Indian Defense-Tech Startups & Transfer of Technology (ToT)

The Make in India initiative by the Modi Government in India and especially in the defense sector has laid down the process of complete homogenisation of all the #defense products which includes the Transfer of Technology (ToT) not only from the Foreign Corporations but also from the Indian Defense Research Organisations like the DRDO and other allied organisations and research facilities respectively. The focus has know shifted from “know how” to “know why” whereby endeavours are being made to either develop critical technologies and/or get the critical technologies under direct Transfer of Technology (ToT) from the Foreign Corporation to their...

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