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Legal Advice for Corporates before they commence Manufacturing of Beauty Products & Cosmetics in India

The Indian Beauty and Personal Care Industry (BPC) is expected to grow at a whopping 25% by the year 2025, covering US$ 20 billion share in the global market. According to experts in this area, the growing awareness in beauty products, purchasing power of individuals and the change in consumption patterns of consumers are a few amongst many reasons for the growth of the industry. While the market is largely dominated by international brands, domestic players have been emerging to capture their share in the ever increasing market. As the country witnesses a constant growth of new brands/companies being either...

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Legal Advice & Tips for Defence Tech Startups in India

India, with the second largest armed forces in the world and the well-grounded “Make In India” initiative for production of defence technology, the country is set to toughen up private sectors in manufacturing high-tech defence weaponry. India comes third in the list in terms of military expenditure after US and China with a gigantic $71.1 billion dollars in number. Under the government’s wings, 194 defence tech start-ups are working and innovating arms, weapons and all kinds of “fit for military use” products through the “startup India” mission. It is therefore essential to know the legal compliances in the realm of...

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Acquisition: An Opportunity to Acquire Budding Businesses

The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic had caused severe economic dislocations in the country entailing a major slowdown in the Indian economy. Amidst the slowdown, while small companies were still trying to recover from the destruction caused by the first wave, the advent of an unprecedented second wave has made them increasingly vulnerable to corporate dissolution. Over here we shall be discussing in detail “Acquisitions” and how the same can assist to preserve their business operations in the aftermath of the second wave of COVID-19. An acquisition is the purchase of controlling interest by an acquirer in the share...

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Mergers: Tool to Survive the Second Wave of Covid19

The term ‘Merger’ is not defined clearly under any enactment. But can be defined as the voluntary amalgamation of two companies on broadly equal terms into one new legal entity. Mergers often lead to an increased value creation for the corporation. It is a way for the corporations to expand their reach, expand into new segments, or gain market share. How does a Merger Work?A merger is a voluntary combining of two companies legally into one legal entity. The companies should have similar sizes, values and customer bases to be a merger and not an acquisition. If both parties expect...

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