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Legal Advice for Foreign Corporations on Reducing their Hassles while Onboarding Human Resources in India

Unlike domestic firms that operate in their home countries, Multinational Corporations or MNCs that operate around the world face several cultural, legal, logistical, and strategic challenges in terms of staffing and other Human Resource Management (HRM) functions in overseas locations. While doing international business in multiple jurisdictions is exciting, however, there are some legal issues one should be aware of. Running an international business in foreign countries means complying with all applicable domestic laws when oner business is about to prosper. The best legal advice is to comply with and adhere to the local domestic laws of the host country....

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Legal Advice for Indian Companies for their General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) & Compliances

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which came into existence in May 2018 is regarded as the toughest data privacy legislation so far. The GDPR, in a nutshell provides a legal framework that set rules for the collection and processing of personal information of residents staying in the European Union (EU). It is applicable for any organisation operating within the EU, as well as any organisations outside of the EU which offer goods or services to customers or businesses in the EU. It casts upon all entities, a responsibility to use personal data with consent, for a specific purpose, for...

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Laws on Prevention of Gold Smuggling in India: Lawyers Advice

Gold Smuggling is a criminal offence in India and there are different Central laws which prevent and prohibit the same. Having said that, there are a catena of criminal defenses which are available to the accused in the case of Gold Smuggling. There also exists cogent and compelling grounds to obtain Bail in the case of Gold Smuggling. Thus, over here we shall be discussing the entire law on Gold Smuggling in India in the light of top ten leading criminal cases and/or judgments on Gold Smuggling in India. What are the Central Laws on Gold Smuggling in India? Custom Act (CA),...

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