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Information Technologies

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Laws for Outsourcing of IT Service & Work

The business entities and firms are nowadays taking advantage of technology for models like offshoring so as to reduce their costs without a without a corresponding decline in quality. However, with the growth and development of technology the problem related to same is also growing by leaps and bounds. Most developed countries in the world, especially the USA are engaged in outsourcing majority of its industrial and trading contracts, offshore to developing countries like India to reap the benefits of cost effective and proficient work force. However, concerns like data confidentiality and security issues have emphasised the necessity for businesses...

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Laws on Cyberstalking in India: Lawyers Advice

Cyberstalking is another method of cyber crime. The term cyber relates to the web and therefore the meaning of is to stalk someone or follow him or her digitally. The follow up could also be continuous within the sort of defaming, harassment, threat, etc. Both men and ladies are victims of an equivalent. In lately, the methods employed by Cyber Stalkers to stalk someone is thru E-mail, social media and messages. However, there are not any direct laws in India to tackle Cyber Stalking. Laws for Cyberstalking under the Information Technology Act, 2000Information Technology is that the innovation of n Age....

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Laws and Legal Procedure for Reporting Posting & Sharing of Derogatory & Illicit Contents on Social Media; Lawyers Advice

In recent past, across India there has been an upsurge in online hate speeches, offensive comments and illicit contents on Social Media. Now, for an aggrieved, it is important to comprehend some crucial points and legal steps for reporting such content. Firstly, it may be noted that, “Hate Speech” has not been particularly defined under any legal provision in India. However, there are legal provisions under few legislations dealing with Hate Speech, namely, Indian Penal Code, 1860: a. Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code, states that hurting religious sentiments of an individual or group of people...

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Laws Countering and Punishing Cyberstalking in India: Lawyers Advice

Cyber Stalking is a continuous use of internet communication, or other electronic means to stalk, harass, threaten either by sending emails, or messages a particular individual or a group of individuals. Some pivotal points which are to be considered while registering a complaint under different provisions directly or indirectly dealing with instances of cyberstalking: -Under Section 354D of the Indian Penal Code, “stalking” is defined as an offence and anyone who despite having a clear indication that a woman is disinterested in receiving any communication repeatedly indulges in proselytizing such communication or keeps an eye on her use of internet...

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Legal Precautions to be Undertaken before Executing a Transfer of Technology (ToT) Agreement: Lawyers Advice

In modern times, technology has become a vital component of the business process of most companies worldwide. Technology can be leveraged in various ways by a company in order to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors and to maximise profits. The transfer of technology is an important way through which countries that are developing can access technology from developing countries. There are numerous instances where a company cannot invest huge amounts of capital into research and development in order to create new technology. In such instances, the most feasible option for companies is to absorb/assimilate pre – existing technology...

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Legality of Online Flash Sales & Competition Laws in India: Lawyers Advice

Online flash sales are discounts offered by e-commerce entities for a short period of time. In such sales, the online entities give out discounts on certain products to increase their sales. These sales by the online retail markets attract a lot of customers but such sales do not benefit the offline retailers of the same product on sale. Through these discounts the price of the product decreases to an extent lower than the cost of the product and this does not favor the offline physical stores who will not be able to meet their expenses and costs. This brings us...

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Laws on Predatory Pricing & it’s Impact on Small Businesses: Lawyers Advice

Small businesses are the driving forces of the economy as they provide a lot of employment opportunities to people who cannot be absorbed by large corporations. They also contribute to economy by bringing growth and innovation to the community in which the business is involved in. Hence, these businesses must be protected. The Competition Act, 2002 was passed for this purpose. Predatory pricing is a pricing strategy followed by dominant firms which sell goods and provide services at a level lower than the cost of the goods and services with intent to erase all the competition in the market. This...

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Legal Rights Guaranteed to an Original Technology Developer & Remedies Available over Minor Tech Enhancements: Lawyers Advice

The shift to technology that was seen at the turn of the 21st century has made it essential to protect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) enshrined in programs and softwares. Contrary to how goods usually work, the selling of a software gives a license to the buyer to use the software along with certain terms and conditions attached to the license.Due to this licensing mechanism, computer programs and software face fierce rivalry in the market and are pretty susceptible to suffer unwarranted economic loss as their software might be used without payment and is vulnerable to piracy and illegal copying. Copyright...

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Arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Indian Legal System

In order to ease the conduct of the business the world is relying heavily on technology which ranges from mobile applications to computer software’s where in the last decade innovation and technology have assumed a big role. Artificial Intelligence is one such innovation which has impacted the functional ecosystem of the society as “Artificial Intelligence” can be well defined as the capability of a machine to imitate human behavior. Even in the legal sector lawyers are turning towards Artificial Intelligence expertise for handling legal tools efficiently and for structuring legal assertions and gradually Artificial Intelligence is becoming the need of...

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Internet of Things (IoT): Data Protection & Privacy Laws

Internet of Things (IoT) is nothing but a connected web of devices that performs specific task with almost no human intervention. Each device in this web has a specific task to perform and pass the data processed by it to the device next to it in the series. In this way the task under Internet of Things (IoT) is performed by a number of connected devices sharing information (data) with other devices in the web. Each device has some basic set of programming and coding upon which the entire performance of that device depends. In today’s competitive era there is...

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