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Trademark Protection & Safeguards for Jewellery and Watch Designers in India

Creative designs aren’t something that meticulously happen, it takes a great amount of efforts and creative skills to create something that would please the eyes of every person. The same can be said about the jewellery and watch designers who strive to create something new and different in their each design and the same is their Intellectual Property (IP) which needs due protection and safeguards. These efforts are hardly hit and discouraged by the menace of piracy, where people utilise the efforts of the jewellery and watch designers to create copied products and sell them in the market at cheap...

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Basics of Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR) Mechanism in India

The Corporate Debt Restructuring or CDR is a willful procedure under which banks and money related organizations help those organizations, who are confronting budgetary challenges because of inner or outside variables, to rebuild their obligations. It is noteworthy to mention that, Corporate Debt Restructuring or CDR is a non-statutory procedure. The rationale behind this system is to give opportune help to the organizations and restore them. Another thought process is to secure the enthusiasm of the partner, speculators, and different gatherings who are going about as moneylenders to such undertakings. CDR is accessible to those organizations which have profited credit...

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Growing Business Opportunities in India: Legal Perspective

From the year 1991 and up-till today, India has witnessed a plethora of changes both at the macro level as well as the micro level in its economy. The same has led to a lot of small and micro level industries to flourish which specifically includes Startups, SMEs and the MSMEs respectively. Furthermore, changes have been brought in the legislations which deals with the business and commercial space which includes changes in the legislations with respect to the Insolvency & Bankruptcy, formulation of new rules for the protection and safeguard of the Intellectual Properties (IP), changes in the laws relating...

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Growing Business Opportunities in India: Legal Perspective

The coronavirus global pandemic has caused a widespread medical exigency across the globe which has even raised questions with respect to the survival of humans. Although there exists another potent threat which is directly associated with this global pandemic i.e. the global economic slowdown and global recession. In the recent times, with the Make in India initiative of the Modi government has made India stand out as a global manufacturing hub. Further, with the advent of the initiative towards the Startup India programme, there has been a rapid increase in the number of Starups in India across all the industries...

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Joint Venture (JV) Agreements amongst the SMEs & Exports: Legal Advice

The coronavirus which has caused a global pandemic has not only raised serious questions with respect to the survival of the human race and mankind. The global pandemic has led to a record number of deaths in Europe as well as in the US and has drastically effected the global economies. Furthermore, in the wake of the global health and economic crisis and the sharp fall in the stock exchanges across the globe while there exists strong concern amongst the world economies with respect to not only a global economic slowdown but also global recession. There are several Multi National Corporations...

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Joint Venture (JV) Agreements amongst the SMEs & FDI in India

In the wake of the recent global developments and the focus of the world economies on the FMCG sector and especially the healthcare has changed the way people were living and thinking. The need has arrived to not only get products at a lower price but also to have a more credible and reliable product which comes from a source which has integrity and trustworthiness. In this entire issue, India fits as the perfect destination and Indians have come as the true global partners whom can be entrusted and trusted by the entire world. Thus, the time has come for...

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Legal Challenges in Outsourcing of Work

Outsourcing of Work is a very common factor these days as many Businesses and Corporations are outsourcing their work to third party vendors and service providers. The same is/are being done in order to tap the best talent available and to reduce costs on the training and development of the in house office personnel while getting the desired results. Having said that, even outsourcing of work comes with its own set of challenges and if not dealt properly by way of abundant precaution may prove fatal to the Corporation. At present we are discussing outsourcing of call center work...

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Manufacturing in India: Legal Perspective

With the advent of the “Make in India” initiative by the Modi government the Indian manufacturing sector has seen a revolution across all the industries and especially the industries and sectors which were more dependent on imports. Although manufacturing in India has its own issues with respect to the infrastructure and the workforce yet the same has its own set of advantages and the manufacturing sector in India has definitely a brighter side also. Few of the concrete changes which have been made by the Modi government in the manufacturing sector are: Following the Policy of Ease of Doing BusinessImproving InfrastructureDevelopment...

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Intellectual Properties (IP) Protection in India: Legal Perspective

The Intellectual Properties (IP) of an Entrepreneur or any Corporation involves innovation and a lot of research and development which involves a humongous amount of resources which includes time, money and energy. The innovation or the extension of a technological advancement plays a key role in the success of a business irrespective of its size and the number of years it has been in the industry. There are several Multi National Corporations (MNCs) which are either directly and/or indirectly have their products manufactures in India. The same is primarily being done as the cost of the human resource in India...

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Baleshwar Dayal Jaiswal v. Bank of India and Ors., AIR 2015 SC 2881

In this case, there were two petitions which had been clubbed together, and a specific question of law was answered by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The petitioners, who were the borrowers in this case had raised a contention before the Hon’ble Court that a certain provision in the Recovery of Debts due to Banks and Financial Institutions (RDBFI) Act of 1993, had to be included with Section 18(2) of the Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Securities Interest (SARFAESI) Act of 2002. This provision of the RDBFI Act gave powers to the appellate tribunal to...

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