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Trial by Media and the Judicial Dictums

Media is regarded as one of the four pillars of the democracy in India. Media plays a role in shaping the opinions of the society and it quite capable of changing the viewpoint of public on various occasions and events. In the last two decades, the rise of internet, local radio stations, television and technology has greatly increased the reach and impact of mass media. The circulation of newspapers and the shift to e-papers in English and other local languages has been continuously growing. The ever-expanding readers when mixed with modern technologies has given the media industry an unprecedented boast...

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Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) of Music Composers in India

Music, the word itself is so powerful. It has the ability to bring all people together regardless of religion, caste, colour or cultural differences. When one talks about music in India, it can be any song from Bollywood to Tollywood or can be from Punjabi rap songs to remixes, India has it all and is to home to so many songs varying from so many different languages. When it comes to protecting, music is one of the most protected and restricted at the same time. To understand the rights associated with music composers one needs to understand who music composers...

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Legal Challenges faced by Over The Top (OTT) Platforms in India

In times of global pandemic where the economy of country has taken a hard hit, people making huge losses in business and many losing jobs but when one looks at the online market especially the over the top platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, Voot and many more seem to be blooming and generating revenue who are in turn contributing and testifying towards the ongoing information revolution.As we are well aware of the traditional picture of Indian media which has always been very dynamic, the issue with content related videos, pictures, memes or whatever you can call it has always...

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Indian Film Industry & it’s Struggle with Piracy: Lawyers Advice

“We live in a world measured by piracy because piracy means access” as said by Kalyan C. Kankananla. Piracy has become as easy as buying vegetables from the vendor, all one has to do is tap on the download link on internet and boom you can watch any movie/web show/serials on your phone/laptop. A person’s possession whether it is his created work or his personal belongings or his ultimate creation, the last thing anyone would want is it to be stolen or copied by someone. Piracy as defined by black law’s dictionary, means illicit printing or reproduction of any original and...

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