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Laws are never the same they keep on evolving.

Laws takes it own course, let us take ours.

A practical approach is best defined by any lawyer.

The spirit of laws can be given different shapes.

Every legal problem has a legal solution.

Every law has a catch. Which needs to be worked upon.

Law is about reading between the lines.

In the legal realm nothing is impossible.

Every new time will give its law.

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My Lawyer’s Advice and its team of professional Advocates & Lawyers have been continuously and meticulously endeavoring to help the students and particularly the law students in obtaining the highest standards of the legal education.

The team of professionals have opened a direct window whereby any law student can directly contact our professionals and ask and enquire about any law subject.

My Lawyer’s Advice will also be conducting on-line competitions on regular intervals especially designed for the law students which shall carry rewards.

Further, any law student can directly contact our professionals and get the query resolved within hours.

If you are interested in pursuing an internship or joining us feel free to contact us and send in your CV on

My Lawyer Advice has more than 20 years of experiences in this field and we have solved more than 2000 cases. Every case is very important to us and we always take care of them seriously. We have 98% of happy clients.

What we are known for is our quality of work and track record. We insist you to not judge us on our success stories, but our failures, because they are very few! Yes! We can say proudly that what ever it takes us up to here is our quality and the trust of our client. Thanking all our clients for this beautiful journey and its going onn…