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Author: MyLawyer

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The new Drone Rules of 2021 & the Legal Framework governing Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) in India: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice

"The new Drone Rules of 2021 is an attempt by the Government of India to legalize and organize and uncontrolled industry. These rules law down specific legal compliances which the Corporations in this industry have to specifically fulfil. Further, a lot of legal obligations have been laid down which the Done manufacturing units or the Drone importers have to fulfil. An attempt is made to streamline the entire system and to bring it under a legal ambit. In the coming years specific laws for Drones & UAVs shall be enacted and a plethora of new guidelines shall be issued." IntroductionTechnological advancements...

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Legal Compliance for Companies involved in the business of Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s): Best Corporate Lawyer Advice

"The Government of India has come up with the new Drone Rules of 2021 and the entire industry has for the first time been streamlined. Although, at present there is/are no specific legislation or law for Drones & UAVs in India yet this is the first step taken to legalize the entire drone and the UAV industry and to bring this under the direct purview of certain legal compliances and/or legal obligations. The industry has to be streamlined looking into the potential and the vast usage seen in the recent years and specific laws should be made to regulate the...

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Registration Process of Drones & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in India: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice

"The Government of India has come up with the new Drone Rules of 2021 and the registration process for drones in India and the registration process for UAVs in India has been tweaked and made mandatory in certain cases. Further, the process for registration, de-registration and re-registration has been properly pen down and the entire process has been simplified. There are many startups who have entered or are in the verge of entering this multi dollar drone and UAV manufacturing and their products should be well compliant to these new Drone Rules of 2021. In order to duly comply with...

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Bail | Types | Grounds for Bail | Conditions for Bail | Powers of the Courts | Cancellation of Bail | Best Criminal Lawyer Advice

"There are a lot of grounds available for bail to the alleged accused. Further, the alleged accused has a lot of criminal defenses available to protect his/her legal rights. Obtaining bail is a very complex task and requires expert legal advice on criminal laws by the best criminal lawyer. Further, the tendering of evidence which includes all the exhibits i a criminal trial or in criminal proceedings is also not simple. The entire process involves lot of expertise and proficiency." IntroductionBail, is the procurement of release from prison of a person awaiting trial or an appeal, by depositing a security to...

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Giving threats to commit Suicide amounts to Cruelty: Best Criminal Lawyer Advice

Pankaj Mahajan v. Dimple [(2011)12 SCC 1The facts of the case are that the marriage of appellant namely Pankaj Mahajan and respondent Dimple was solemnized on 2 october,2000 and they had one female child out of wedlock. After the marriage, the appellant notices some changes in the behaviour of the respondent. She used to abruptly get very aggressive and suspicious in nature. In her anger, she used to give threat to appellant that she would end her life by committing suicide and frame the appellant and his family member in forged criminal case, unless provided with a separate residence. On...

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Distinguishing Cruelty from the Ordinary Wear & Tear of Family Life: Best Criminal Lawyer Advice

No Desertion without Prior Cohabitation by the Parties & Cruelty must be distinguished from the Ordinary Wear and Tear of Family Life: Best Criminal Lawyer AdviceSavitri Pandey v. Prem Chandra Pandey [(2002)2 SCC 73]The facts of the case are that the appellant Savitri Pandey approached the matrimonial court praying for dissolution of marriage alleging Cruelty and Desertion as a ground for divorce against her husband namely Prem Chandra Pandey. Further, the appellant prayed for direction to the respondent to return the ornaments he(respondent) received at the time of marriage. Their marriage was solemnized on 6 July,1987 and they started living...

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Setting-Up Business in India by Foreign Nationals: Best FDI Attorney Legal Advice in India

"Foreign Direct Investments in India or FDI in India has seen an immense inflow of funds. Setting up of Corporation in India or India business entry is a complex process and has standardized routes which is/are to be followed by the foreign investor. The requirement of an Indian resident Director is a mandatory requirement to incorporate a Company in India. There are several tax exemptions for export units. Special Economic Zones and Exclusive Economic Zones are also set up. All these requires an expert guidance of a seasoned FDI Attorney in India who can render best in class corporate law...

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Legal Challenges faced by Foreign Nationals in Setting-Up their Corporations in India: Best FDI Attorney Legal Advice in India

"Foreign Direct Investments in India or FDI in India is a very challenging and time consuming process wherein a lot of corporate laws, business laws, RBI policies and foreign exchange related compliances have to be met. Setting up of a Corporation in India involves submission of documents which are duly apostilled and/or verified by the Indian embassy. Further, the Government fees and charges also varies depending upon the influx of capital.  The entire process should be handled by the best FDI Attorney in India who has vast experience in deal with foreign investments respectively." As the world's fastest growing economy India...

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Cryptocurrency: Definition | Legitimacy | Types of Cryptocurrency Fraud | Legal Remedies | Precautions: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice

"Cryptocurrency remains a grey area and has a lot of confusion around it. A lot of mining is being done, however, the legal sanctity behind cryptocurrencies remains an important question. There are different circulars issued by the Reserve Bank of India and the Ministry of Finance of the Government of India and the same have been discussed herein in detail. The exact legal status of the cryptocurrency is explained and whether one should be investing in the same is also dealt in detail. " According to research by Crypto Head, in the United States of America, in 2016 340 crimes involving...

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Applicable Laws & Legal Compliances for E-Pharmacies in India: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice

"The inception of e-pharmacies in India or online medical stores in India is quite novice in nature. Further, the applicable laws upon e-pharmacies in India and the legal compliances for e-pharmacies in India are also at a very rudimentary stage and requires a lot of deliberations. Further, there are a lot of legal challenges for e-pharmacies in India and the Entrepreneur is not well aware of them. The sector has seen a lot of foreign investments as well as domestic cash inflows. Over here we have discussed in detail the legitimacy and legal ambit of e-pharmacies in India." IntroductionIn the era...

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