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Author: MyLawyer

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Legal Benefits of Executing an Outsourcing Agreement for Foreign Corporations before Outsourcing Work in India: Best NRI Legal Services in India

"An outsourcing agreement is the first and foremost legal document which a foreign Corporation should execute before outsourcing their work in India. The entire document should be drafted and prepared by the best FDI Attorney in India who specialises in rendering NRI legal services in India and is well versed with the business laws of India and the corporate laws of India. Only a strong and duly executed outsourcing agreement is enforceable in the Courts of law in India." Nowadays, businesses are persistently adopting Offshore Outsourcing opportunities to minimize the costs involved and intensify the productivity with an ultimate motive of...

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Laws & Legal Procedure for Filing of a Criminal Appeal to the Supreme Court: Best Criminal Lawyer Advice

"If a criminal case is lost before the High Court then a criminal appeal can be filed before the Supreme Court of India. For filing a criminal appeal a certificate from the High Court is necessary whereas a Special Leave Petition can be filed before the Supreme Court without the requirement of the certificate. Further, no new evidence or document is appreciated before the Supreme Court in a criminal appeal. The criminal defenses which have already been taken up before the lower Courts are relied upon in a criminal appeal." Supreme Court being the Apex Court of India, is also the...

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Appreciation of Evidence, Criminal Defenses & Grounds of Bail in a Cheating Case: Best Criminal Lawyer Advice

"Appreciation of evidence plays a very important role in not only deciding a criminal case or a criminal trial but also in deciding anticipatory bail application and regular bail application. Further, the evidences play a key role in determining the criminal defenses and also grounds for bail. The tendering of evidences has to be done in the best possible way during a criminal trial. Thereafter, the examination in chief of witnesses, cross examination of witnesses and the reexamination of witnesses happen." Appreciation of Evidence and the grounds to obtain bail upon being falsely implicated under any of the provisions for cheating, thereof. Section...

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Criminal Defense & Quashing Criminal Proceeding In Case Of Fraud: Best Criminal Lawyer Advice

"Quashing of criminal proceedings can only be decided by the High Court. Further, quashing of criminal proceedings largely depends upon the crime committed and the quantum of sentence or punishment for the same. Criminal defenses in a criminal trial do play an important role in quashing of criminal proceedings or quashing of FIR. The conduct of the complainant and the accused also plays a pivotal role." Hereinbelow, the best criminal defense is being apprised that would help the accused, who is maliciously charged with the offence of Cheating, to save his money, time and reputation. The criminal defense would also save...

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Legal Advice on Appreciation of Evidence, Criminal Defenses & Grounds of Bail in a Cheating Case: Best Criminal Lawyer Advice

"It is the evidence which is tendered before the Court while plays the role for decing a criminal case as well as for deciding the bail application of the alleged accused in a cheating case. Nowadays cheating cases happen mostly by way of online mode or online cheating and the electronic evidence plays the ey role in such cases. The criminal defenses available to the alleged accused are generally less and had to be closely dealt with." Section 415 of the Indian Penal Code (I. P. C.), 1860 defines Cheating as when any person, by betraying any person, dishonestly or fraudulently...

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Legal Advice on Criminal Defense & Quashing of Criminal Proceeding in case of Cheating: Best Criminal Lawyer Advice

"Quashing of an FIR or quashing of a criminal proceedings before the criminal trial Court happens only after the order passed by the High Court. Before passing orders the High Court reviews the evidence, the nature of the offense or the gravity of the offense, the conduct of the alleged accused and the entire case. Reliance is also placed upon the precedents and the judicial trends respectively." Section 415 of the Indian Penal Code (I. P. C.), 1860 defines Cheating as when any person, by betraying any person, dishonestly or fraudulently induces such deceived person to deliver any property, or to...

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Legal Advice on Criminal Defenses against False Allegation of Rape: Best Criminal Lawyer Advice

"Rape is a criminal offense which is non-bailable and non-compoundable in nature. Obtaining a bail i.e. anticipatory bail or regular bail for the alleged accused is a very difficult task. Further, there are limited criminal defenses available to the alleged accused charged with rape. The Court takes medical evidence duly into consideration while delivering their dictums. Consensual sex in no manner is considered as rape. Consensual sex during live-in relationship is not considered as rape." As per the report of the Delhi Commission of Women, in 2014 study of the case filed between April 2013-July 2014 revealed that 52.3 % of...

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Legal Advice on Countering & Reporting of Cyberbullying: Best Criminal Lawyer Advice

"Cyberbullying cannot be exactly termed as a cyber crime in India but carries a lot of repercussions upon the person who has actually faced it. This involves use of online media and social media platform to lynch and/or tarnish someone's image virtually and/or harass someone on the internet. Sometimes the content is correct whereas sometimes the content is incorrect. The primary source of evidence in cases of cyberbullying is the electronic record." Hannah Hamid was a final year B.Sc (Chemistry) student at a private college in Thodupuzha. She was trolled in the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. for...

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Legal Advice for Corporates before they commence Manufacturing of Beauty Products & Cosmetics in India: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice

"Many foreign Corporations want to set up their manufacturing units in India and th same can be done directly either by way of Foreign Direct Investment in India or FDI in India or indirectly through collaboration with an Indian manufacturer.  There are a lot of legal compliances and applicable laws upon Companies manufacturing beauty products and cosmetics in India and the same requires best corporate lawyer's advice or corporate legal solutions." The Indian Beauty and Personal Care Industry (BPC) is expected to grow at a whopping 25% by the year 2025, covering US$ 20 billion share in the global market. According to...

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Legal Advice & Tips for Defence Tech Startups or DefTech Startups in India:: Best Corporate Lawyer Advice

"Defence Tech startups in India or the DefTech startups in India have seen huge participation of private players including the micro and small scale industries. Further, a lot of foreign Corporation either directly through Foreign Direct Investments in India or FDI in India or indirectly through Joint Venture or Mergers & Acquisitions have entered India or India business entry and are working together. Under the Startup India initiative and Make in India programme self reliance in the defence sector is the utmost priority. Further, many benefits are extended to the DefTech startups by the Government of India. Special incentives are...

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